EHS with EBv1.8 problem on mc33

We currently installed  installed EHS v2.8a on MC33 with version 1_49  patch 12(oct2018).

  The only app on the user mode is  Enterprise Browser v1.8 configured to use SAP ITS mobile. 

All the necessary EB configuration  to use Datawedge was set and  it is working as configured.

It is working for the first 2 or 3 days  then  symptoms occur below .

- scanning is working but no output on EB text boxes

-loging in as admin on EHS,

     -the home  "O" button does  not work anymore

     -must use  the  "< " button  to see all the apps and the settings

     -trying to enable the  Debug mode will generate an error " user has no priviliged to access debug mode"

     -  scan engine can scan / beeping  using DWDEMO app  but no output on display

     - set restore defaults on datawedge settings ,  still no output  on display using  DWDEMO or Profile0

     -  pressing the power button only shows  2 lines  , Power off and Reboot.    It used to be 4 lines which includes  Airplane mode and Sleep.

It seems to be stuck in EHS user mode but have access to all the apps and settings.

Must do an enterprise reset  or factory reset so it will be back to normal  then we have to install again EB,  EHS.

We deployed on 25 x MC33  last week then this week  , it happened to 2  devices last Friday and now  10 devices are affected and increasing.

We are trying to find out how to simulate  but in case anyone can help is greatly appreciated.