Persisting ADB TCP/IP on TC70x Devices

I'm currently trying to persist adb tcp/ip <port> on TC70x devices however I'm hitting a bit of a roadblock.

What I've tried:

- adb remount /system (nothing happens)

- adb push build.prop /system (permission denied / read-only fs)

The same things pretty much apply to default.prop as / is read-only as well.

- adb shell setprop service.adb.tcp.port <port>

This actually saves the property, but does not persist after reboot??

- adb shell setprop persist.service.adb.tcp.port <port>

This saves a blank string or something never returns <port> entered.

I would rather not have to break into this OS in order to get this done but I will if I have to. Really I just want to know what steps I should use to persist this setting without to much work ( I could just write a script to do it to every device I have 30+).

It should really be this easy:

adb shell setprop persist.service.adb.tcp.port<port>

I'm currently developing a WMS for 3PL providers that integrates with Zebra Products (Printers / Mobile Printers / Touch Computers / RFID)

### *** Update *** ###

Upon closer inspection of the EMDK it appears that adb over usb can be turned on/off with relative ease. I haven't found a reference for something similar for adb tcp/ip I'll update when I've done further research.

USB Manager - Zebra Technologies Techdocs - reference to the docs about Turning adb over usb on / off. I assume allowing adb is general is required but it won't persist the tcp/ip listening on a specified port

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