web assembly support in enterprise browser

does enterprise browser support web assembly?

Joydeep Chakraborty
Enterprise Browser uses the

Enterprise Browser uses the webview component bundled with Android OS to render web pages.

If the underlying webview (Chrome) supports web assembly Enterprise Browser will also support the same.

Can you please share Device and BSP details as well as the Chrome version?

Please see the following post. As per that Chrome for Android V 0 and above will support web assembly.




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john theisen
joydeep:thanks very much for


thanks very much for your information and insights

i am at the very beginning of my web assembly journey, at first i was very skeptical(and horrified) at the thought of loading .dll's into a browser for execution, mostly was concerned with security and performance, but after digging deeper i see where these concerns are being addressed and see where web assembly could prove to be a very useful tool especially for enterprise applications

thanks again for your input


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