How can I prevent a top swipe revealing the navigation bar?


I'm developing a "kiosk mode" style app on the Zebra PS20. Using the profile manager I've managed to hide the bottom buttons and stop access to the top navigation/status bar functions. However, I can't find an easy way to stop the swipe from the screen top revealing the navigation bar.

A simple swipe down near the top reveals it for a few seconds:


For Target MX Version 8.1 I'm altering the UI Manager settings:

  • Enable/Disable HomeKey: Disable
  • Pull Down of Notification Panel: Disable
  • Settings Icon on Notification Panel: Hide
  • Network Monitor Notification: Turn Off
  • Enable/Disable NAvigation Bar: Disable
  • Magnification Gesture: Turn Off
  • Enable/Disable SplitScreenMode: Disable
  • Enable/Disable Do Not Disturb: Disable
  • Enable/Disable Multi User: Disable

The rest are at their defaults.

I thought that "Pull Down of Notification Panel" would have solved it but apparently not.

Is it possible to prevent the swipe using the API or profile manager?

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Hi Patrick, using purely MX I

Hi Patrick, using purely MX I don't think this is possible.  You would need a 'kiosk mode' solution, please see for more details and you may want to take a look at Enterprise Home Screen.

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