My app doesn't recevice MSR data


Hi have a Zebra device (TABLET ET5x Android 6 Mx 7.1) with a MSR (Sidytar WT-MSR123) attached via USB. The problem is when I pass the card through the MSR it is used as a Keyboard so in any edittext field of any app the card code is written, but in the app I'm developing I use the EMDK (v7.0) with the ProfileManager with DataCapture -> DataInput->MSR -> Enabled and DataDelivery ->Intent -> Action: com.symbol.emdksample.RECVR  -- category:android.intent.category.DEFAULT -- Delivery:Send via startActivity. But when I pass the card no event via onNewIntent() or any other method is launched.

Do you know what's happening?

Thanks in advance