Tomcat link-os Java native libraries error on reload

I'm using LinkOS Java libraries to print from my webapp to USB printers running in a Tomcat 8 java container in Windows environment.

The ZSDK_API.jar is included in the webapp libraries and zDriverAdapter and ZebraNativeUsbAdapter_32 files are stored in tomcat /bin directory.

With this configuration, I can print and linkOS works as required.

But when I have to reload or update my project, Tomcat reloads the web application and after this process I get

com.zebra.sdk.comm.UsbNativeCodeConnectionException: The native code dll is not loaded.

    at com.zebra.sdk.printer.discovery.UsbDiscoverer.getZebraUsbPrinters(Unknown Source) ~[ZSDK_API.jar]

And I cannot use LinkOs anymore.

The only solution for me is to restart tomcat service, after this the linkOS libraries work again.

I found that the inner error is:

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Native Library ZebraNativeUsbAdapter_32.dll already loaded in another classloader

I should avoid the server reload because I have to stop all my applications instead of just the updated one.

Do you have any suggestion?