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    Inventory scan UPC app

    Mathew Dalton

      We have a few retail locations we need to scan UPS for inventory.

      The company we rented the scanners included a program for this purpose.  They have since gone out a business.

      We are planning to buy a few scanners with windows mobile.  We need a program.

      We need a small app that can define these parameters 

      store location number – example 109

      store area/section within the store – area 515

      These are retail clothing, so we have “Tops” “Jeans” “Shorts” “Shirts”

      The store areas/sections are just for verification.  Area/Section # 102 are “Tops” Area/Section #72 are “Shorts” if we need to go back and count if out counts are way off.

      Only need the UPC Count, which Area/Sections and the store location saved to the PDA/PDT text file

      The attached file was created from the app/program we used in the past.  The file extension example *.100 was the store number Example San Diego store is coded #100 in our ERP SQL DB system

      Info column                        gun number        upc                       count                                    Area/Section #

      I12292016090857100           7                   400023319002      00001                                  74

      The info column is “I” inventory, the date “12292016” time “6090857” store location #100  

      The only information we import to out ERP SQL DB system are UPS Counts.

      Please review and let me know if you can help and what your rate would be.