I2of5 ReportCheckDigit seems not work

Hi, I create a Xamarin app with the nuget package Symbol.XamarinEMDK on a TC-20 device with Nougatpp

My app can read the barcode of type I2of5, but I do not want to get also the checkDigit of a barcode. I try to set config.DecoderParams.I2of5.ReportCheckDigit to false, but the scanner still report the check number.

My code for configuration


config.SkipOnUnsupported = ScannerConfig.SkipOnUnSupported.None;

config.ScanParams.DecodeLEDFeedback = true;


config.ReaderParams.ReaderSpecific.ImagerSpecific.PicklistEx = ScannerConfig.PicklistEx.Hardware;

config.DecoderParams.I2of5.Enabled = true;

config.DecoderParams.I2of5.Length1 = 7;

config.DecoderParams.I2of5.ReportCheckDigit = false;



I am missing something?