How to print label in landscape format

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Here we met a problem, our original label was designed as portrait model, but the business is asking to print it out as landscape, this means we need to rotate the label for 90 degree, from lots of investigation, I found this can be achieved by changing device type from LZEB2 to YZB200.  after we changed the YZB200, we cannot see the preview in SAP SP01, the status shows a '+' but cannot open it.(error message: Request 118,333 in system ECQ: internal error 0000000028/       128 in spooler (Object not found)).  in fact before the device update, the preview is OK.   could I know how to adjust the configuration to support the landscape printing requirement? thanks a lot.

the printer model is Zebra ZE500.


reference document: Working with Zebra Printers using Smartforms in SAP | SAP Blogs

Barry Cui
Update:  After re-install the

Update:  After re-install the device type, this issue was resolved, we can see the correct preview in spool now. but when we print it out on the printer, the hard copy still will portrait format, but not rotate with 90 degrees. is there anything further we need to do?

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