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    Zebra QLN320 does not see bluetooth ios apple

    Evgeniy Ravinskiy

      Hey. I have many zebra QLN 320 printers with bluetooth. We work with them every day; they are connected to an ipad tablet. Many printers have stopped working, our ipad do not see them on bluetooth. Periodically and to this day the printer stop working. They used to work, MFI is present in them, but not a single ipad tablet with different ios does not see them. On one of the printers, I sent a command



      ! U1 getvar "bluetooth"



      ! U1 do "bluetooth.clear_bonding_cache"











      bluetooth.discoverable: on, Choices: on, off

      bluetooth.friendly_name: Optom3

      bluetooth.version: 4.2.1

      bluetooth.date: 09/10/2012

      bluetooth.local_name: Optomoll-3

      bluetooth.address: AC: 3F: A4: 42: 5D: AF

      bluetooth.bluetooth_pin: *

      bluetooth.short_address: AC3FA4425DAF



      Firmware on priter 68.19.7Z



      I updated many of the printers to the latest firmware V68.20.10Z, but this did not help, I also reset the cache, reset the settings, but it does not help. In Russia, no service center can understand the problem, they say the technical part is all right.

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          Robin West

          Hi Evgeniy,

          Which version of iOS are you using primarily?

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            Robin West

            Hi Evgeniy,

            Can you verify that the bad printers all have an 'M' in the part number (found on the bottom of the printer)? 

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              Steven Si

              The latest firmware version for QLn320 is V68.20.15Z. Could you also provide us the full output of ! U1 getvar "bluetooth"? The full output should look like below:


              bluetooth.discoverable : on , Choices: on,off

              bluetooth.friendly_name : XXQLJ141300691

              bluetooth.version : 5.5.2

              bluetooth.date : 10/03/2017

              bluetooth.local_name : XXQLJ141300691

              bluetooth.address : AC:3F:A4:0B:DE:1F

              bluetooth.bluetooth_pin : *

              bluetooth.short_address : AC3FA40BDE1F

              bluetooth.radio_version : 3.0

              bluetooth.enable : on , Choices: on,off

              bluetooth.connected : no

              bluetooth.minimum_security_mode : 1 , Choices: 1,2,3,4

              bluetooth.connected_security_mode : nc

              bluetooth.bonding : on , Choices: on,off


              bluetooth.enable_reconnect : iOS_only , Choices: off,iOS_only

              bluetooth.json_config_channel_enable : on , Choices: on,off

              bluetooth.page_scan_window : 60 , Choices: 15,60

              Please pay attention to the highlighted output. The Bluetooth "enable" needs to be set to ON, and the "discoverable" needs to be ON and the "connected" needs to be NO, in order for an iOS device to discover the printer. If the printer is already connected to another device, you would not be able to discover it. Hope this helps.