Zebra GT800 - Busy message

Hi good morning, how are you? I have two Zebra printer GT800, I'm having a problem, could anyone help me?

I use an internal system of the company, to communicate with the printers by means of sockets (using ip and port). And it works very well. But for some unknown reason, sometimes the printers go into a state of waiting, as if they are processing an interminable request. Even when they switch on and on again, they do not go back to normal, when they go into this state, they usually stay for hours at a time. Accessing the printer through the browser returns the following message: "One printer is busy processing another request. Please try again later." (The image below is in portuguese).

Even with the browser, the printer's own test prints also do not work when it enters this state of waiting.

My great doubt and difficulty is, who could be causing this 'locking' of the printers, would be the cause of the network / cabling (Infrastructure) of the company or the system that is performing communication via sockets.

Would anyone have any idea what to do?

Thanks for listening