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    Decoding behavior when both picklist mode & display mode are enabled

    Spencer Chu

      Hello Experts,


      This may be not very accurate but my rough understanding regarding behaviors of picklist mode & mobile phone/display mode is:


      1. Picklist mode: Decoder takes at least *three* frames before decoding.
      2. Mobile phone/display mode: Decoder decodes as long as it receives *one* good frame.


      If my understanding is correct, what would happen if both picklist mode & display mode are enabled? Will decoder still wait for three frames or the display mode behavior will override?


      I am asking because we are seeing a problem where an SE4710 engine with both settings enabled scans and returns a value the same as the last one, although we are scanning a different barcode (1D codabar). We wonder if this is relevant to the conflicting decoding behaviors of both settings.


      Any hint is appreciated.