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    BrowserPrint truncates FedEx tracking number barcode

    Rob Reiss

      We have a strange problem.


      When we print zpl from fedex shipping label to a zebra 505 printer via tcp/ip everything works fine. When we use BrowserPrint to print the same zpl over a USB cable the FedEx barcode for the tracking number runs off the side of the label and is not scannable (same printer). It looks to me that the barcode is a different symbology or something. i.e. the bars look different over USB vs TCP/IP for the same string.


      We tried changing the zebra config "Print Width" to 750, 800, and 832, no luck.


      Does anyone have any ideas.



      We are using the USB in a backup mode. Our network fiber was cut to one of our main warehouses.


      Thanks for any help or ideas,

      Rob Reiss