LLRP and KeepAlive handling

I have an application written in C# that use's LLRP interaction with an FX9500 reader. it's a continuous Read application but I need to monitor when communication has failed.

The KeepAlive event thru LLRP appears to be what I want to use, but it seems the FX9500 (with latest firmware installed) does not 'regularly' respond with it.

     I get 3 KeepAlive messages that I am responding with the KeepAlive_Ack then the reader appears to just hang up.

     If I don't turn KeepAlives on, then the Reader appears to run without mishap for extended periods (1 week), but since it is an unattended system I really need to notify (or restart) if this fails.

any ideas would be appreciated.


          Steve (VSI)