How to Read RFID's Tag ID without Auto Feed? [Zebra ZT410R]

In our encoding process, we are required to encode the RFID Tag with different access password based on the calculation on the TID. Also, new EPC and User Data value also need to be written into the Tag.

To achieve that,

1) Firstly, we need to READ the TID from the RFID TAG.

- I tested this command ^XA^RS8,,0,1,,,,^RFR,H,0,12,2^FN1^HV1,24,TID: ^XZ and I able to get the TID but at this point, the current RFID TAG is already auto feed out from antenna area.

2) We need to use the TID read from Step 1 to calculate the new Access Password.

3) Then, we will encode new EPC, new User Data and new Access Password to the RFID TAG.

- This is failed to be done due to the scenario in Step 1.

Hence, is there any setting or command i can be done to solve the problem in Step 1?