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    stageNow install apk

    christophe bernard

      Hello all,


      I have some device (zebra TC75X) on this device we have buy last year there is the application mobicontrol who is installed.


      We have buy some news device but the mobicontrol app isn't installed by default ...

      We have more > 100 devices to setup.

      We can connect each device to a computer and copy paste the apk and install it ...but it will take sometimes ...


      I've never used stage now and i'd like to know if it s was possible to used perhpas stage now for to do that ?

      Or perhpas another method more fast ?

      If yes, is it possible to have some tutorial or sample for to begin ?


      thanks for your time


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          Darryn Campbell

          Hi Christophe,


          Yes, this is possible.  The easiest way will probably be to follow the Manage Applications wizard, as described here: Manage Applications - Zebra Technologies Techdocs

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              christophe bernard

              Hello darryn,

              thanks for the link your provide ...


              I've install stageNow on my own computer, but i think i don't understand how to configure the download apk ...

              on configure setting (download app) i write : /sd/card/nameOfapk


              target path and file name of the device:

              here i don't understand, i suppose the file (apk) must be place on our server OR on a ftp ...


              what's is : external and build in ?


              thanks and have a nice happy new year

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                  Darryn Campbell

                  Hi Christophe,


                  When specifying the "Source File Location" at stage 2.1.1 of the wizard you can either select:

                  * Built In: This allows you to choose the apk file.  When provisioning the device your PC running StageNow must be on the same network as the device and discoverable so it can serve the application to the device during staging.

                  * External: This allows you to specify a server location (presumably HTTP or FTP) which hosts the apk file


                  For the target path on the device yes, that will be /sdcard/nameOfapk.  The actual path of the SD card will depend on your device model.


                  Hope that helps,

                  Happy new year,