TC75X -> adb modify build.prop

Hello all,

I have a device TC75X under android 6.0

We 'd like to modify the file build.prop locate in the folder system.

For to do that, i 've try to use ADB command.

i do this for copy paste the file into my computer.

The device is connected by USB cable

adb devices

adb pull /system/build.prop

the result of this command is the file build.prop is copy to folder plateform-tools where adb.exe is located

after, i edit the file build.prop with nodepad++ add one line save all.

re open the file for to verify that the new property is well save => ok

after i do this :

adb push build.prop /system/

but the result is : adb error failed to copy build.prop to system/build.prop remote read only file system ...

How i can RESOLVE this ?adbError.PNG

thanks for your time