How to start developing an application for Android and iOS with Xamarin?


I'm trying to develop an Demo-Application to evaluate the support of external Zebra barcode scanners for Android and iOS with Xamarin.

I use Visual Studio 2017. Installing the Nuget-Package (Symbol.XamarinEMDK) as described in the "Getting Started" part of the tutorial, only seem to contain the Xamarin binding assembly (DLL) but doesn't seem to contain the necessary runtime libraries (com.symbol.emdk.jar) to be able to use the SDK at runtime.

Can you please help me to undestand the deployment strategy of the latest Nuget-Package (ver.3.0) on a Android-Device (Motorola Moto G5, Android 7.1).

I'm using the Bluetooth scanner Zebra/Symbol CS3070 is this device supported by the lastest EMDK-SDK?

Thanks for your help!

Leo Jerez


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