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    Sample printing code for Xamarin.iOS

    Omer Akbas

      Hi all,


      I have ZEBRA ZQ520 mobile printer and I would like to use it to print documents using our mobile application which is developed in Xamarin.iOS platform. There are sample codes for Xamarin.Forms but unfortunately, I could not find any sample code for Xamarin.iOS.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          Steven Si

          The differences between Xamarin.Forms and Xamerin.iOS projects are the UI frameworks used to design an application. The Link-OS SDK for Xamarin is outside the scope of the UI design. The sample code included in the Link-OS SDK for Xamarin is Xamarin.Forms based for the purpose of illustrating how the API is used in a Xamarin application. The usage of the API should have no difference between Xamarin.Forms and Xamarin.iOS.