Does the Zebra Scanner SDK have high-level support for detecting a horizontal black line?

We need to print a barcode on several types of labels.  Each label will be placed mechanically, but printing will be in different places on the different labels.  We're thinking that we'll have a black horizontal line on each label to serve as a marker for where the barcode should be printed.  The rest of the label will be white until we print.

Our system will have an SE2707-LU000R.  I've just started reviewing the Zebra Scanner SDK, and see that we could capture images and look for the line in the images to control motor movement.  However:  Does the API already contain software to recognize a horizontal line as a pattern, and return the horizontal offset in the image where it was found?  This should be simpler than OCR, but I thought I should ask here before I start doing it from scratch.

Thanks for reading, Happy Holidays.