Print arabic font in ios

Hello everyone,

     I am using below zpl code to print arabic font in Android and IOS




        ^FO50,50^A1N30,30^FDHello محاكمة‏ This is sample^FS


     1 - In Android this zpl perfectly works with this android code. Both english and arabic is printing

           val zebraPrinter = ZebraPrinterFactory.getInstance(connection)

           zebraPrinter.printStoredFormat(zpl, HashMap<Int, String>())


    2 -   But in IOS just prints blank data with this swift code. Even not showing english font

           let printer = try ZebraPrinterFactory.getInstance(connection)

           try printer.getFormatUtil()?.printStoredFormat(zpl, with: NSMutableDictionary())

     when i remove arabic font from zpl and print only english font, it is working in IOS

     I want someone help. Thanks in advance