Printing from Chrome to tlp2844

Hi I'm creating a web application and there are basically barcodes and stickers.

I've made the web app create a pdf and this creates the sticker. When printing from Adobe this works fine.

Chrome however turns it landscape and prints over 2 stickers.

I thought it could be down to the width (perhaps some default margin). So shrank the pdf down a notch but no dice.

There are no options for landscape/portrait in the chrome print dialog.

So at a loss.

Any help?

I don't think I can use any web print dialog or anything as I don't know the IP's of the printers as they are spread throughout the organisation.

Any help out there?

What px size do you make the pdf to make it not do this in chrome. I'm using 210 x 144 - is this correct? With a margin of 5px - but this seems to be inside.

Again any help.