Cloud Connect through BT

We are looking at a way to print through cloud connect.

We would like the printer to connect BT to a TC75.

TC75 relay connection to cloud connect or some other connector.

Then Server application to send print job to hosted(cloud) and print job to make it back down to device.

Ive looked through a  lot of the SDK and I am not finding anything that says this is possible. I realize We could write our own web service and application on Android to do this, but was looking for anything already pre-built.

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Currently, the Bluetooth

Currently, the Bluetooth stack on the printers do not support Bluetooth PAN Profile. This prevents the printers from connecting to the cloud over Bluetooth. Since most of the printers have WiFi, we can use the WiFi hotspot on TC75 to enable the printers to connect to the cloud over the WiFi hotspot instead, which can be an alternative. If it's purely for printer management purpose, the "Bluetooth Printer Management" solution might fit the needs.

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