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    Auto launch Android app after first installation

    Rajeev Dave

      We are developing Android app for Zebra devices MC18 / Mc40/ TC51 and CC5000. We distribute this APP through Airwatch. I would like to run App autometically just after install no manual interaction. Please let me know if you have any solution

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          Dmitry Prokhorov

          Hello Rajeev,


          It seems starting from Android 4.0 you cannot do anything after install, until the user explicitly launches your app.  As of Android 4.0 you don't receive any broadcasts unless the user starts your app once manually. The app is in deactivated state directly after install to stop apps you just downloaded but never used from using up system resources. No code in your app is started, no receiver or service registered etc. Once activated through user interaction it works like before.


          Dmitry Prokhorov

          Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility

          Posted on behalf of Zebra Technologies

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