Scanner Does Not Turn Off - Zebra TC57 Device

Platform Using - Xamarin Android

SDK - NuGet Gallery | Symbol.XamarinEMDK

Version -

Issue - Camera is always on.

The devices I am using - TC25, TC25 Lite, TC57

In our application we have implemented barcode scanning using EMDK Library. But only for TC57 We are facing one issue. The camera is active even in app launch. The issue was there for other device(TC 25 & TC25 Lite) as well initially. And based on the discussion mentioned in this - Link. I have disabled the DataWedge Enabled property in DataWedge App and it starts working. But for TC57 device I cannot find anything related to DataWedge.

Please find the attached  sample app implementation!AvViv73b1oOohVf4v11TPeZrv9bC

Based on the EMDK Sample from Github, I created a control that can accommodate  both Zebra device & Normal device.

In the sample app

Xamarin.Barcode.Control - is the control (Renderer implementation) For Xamarin forms.

Zebra.Droid - is the implementation of EMDK Library

ZebraScanningSample & ZebraScanningSample.Android - is the Xamarin & Platform specific project respectively.

Could you please review the code and let me know what actually missing from my implementation.


1. The control is being created only when the user is Navigated to the scanning page. Still the camera is active during the app launch.

2. The disabling & Enabling of camera works fine in Scanning Page.

3. The control is getting disposed when the user navigates back. So no instance is running after back navigation.

Anonymous (not verified)
Hi, all Android Zebra mobile

Hi, all Android Zebra mobile computers (including the TC57) come with DataWedge, it should be available from the app launcher.  To disable DataWedge, launch the app, then press the 3 dots then settings.  From the settings menu you can disable DataWedge to prevent the scanner enabling until you launch it with the EMDK.

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Rakesh R Nair
I agree. As i mentioned I

I agree. As i mentioned I have done the exact same steps you have mentioned to disable the DataWedge for TC25 and TC25 Lite. That is the reason I mentioned all the details in the above  thread.

Let me try to get some other TC57 device and will let you know.

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