iMZ320 - Turkish Letter Request

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope everything is well on your side.

We are printing a bill which is include Turkish letters in it. During this process we use Zebra Setup Utulities. However there is no Turkish Letter option in this programme. Therefore I tried to add a compatible Turkish Letter font as like below and I added. When I get a test print, it looks fine with the letters. But when I use a hand-terminal to print the bill, there is no Turkish letters in the bills. Kindly ask you to find my settings steps in below.

The test print shows that there is no problem. But as you may see, the bill print did not show the character. (OKAN AKDENİZ)

Could you please help me about this issue to solve as needed.

Thanks for your effort in advance.

Best Regards,

turkce cıkmıyor.JPGtest okey.JPG

My settings

1 cihaz bağlantısı.PNG