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    High CPU usage TC75 by slim_ap_daemon

    Russell Shikami

      I'm running a TC75 with patch 10 on. I'm noticing that /system/vendor/bin/slim_ap_daemon is using up close to 50% cpu usage on the device.


      Is there any reason why that process should be taking that much cpu?

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          Dmitry Prokhorov

          Hello Russell,


          It looks like a problem that is well known for miscellaneous Android devices from different vendors. You can google for "slim_ap_daemon" and you'll find a lot of discussions on that topic.


          In some of them there are mentioned the process is somehow related to GPS warm start feature. Being started it is intended to perform GPS warm start and then to exit. But it doesn't exit due to some bug or issue. For some reason it is continue running and consuming your CPU cycles and power.


          In case there is more recent firmware available for your device it worth to update it. In case this issue happen in a most recent firmware for your device, then you can try to disable GPS. Also, there is a chance that android power saving mode will kill "slim_ap_daemon" process. It needs to be checked.


          Dmitry Prokhorov

          Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility

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