Howto access Datawedge Intent output property decode_data?

My question concerns the Android Datawedge API, especially the scanned data access via Intent.

Please, explain what Intent method is to be used to access binary data from Intent properties named "com.motorolasolutions.emdk.datawedge.decode_data" or "com.symbol.datawedge.decode_data"

You describe the related data type asĀ  "Decode data is returned as a list of byte arrays".

Please, write here at least one line of sample code, how to access this data within an Android app in Java source code.

BTW, using Intent.getStringExtra() or Intent.getByteArrayExtra() will not work.

I know, the same question was already asked by multiple developers in the last years. But it remained unanswered yet.

Thank you for your help in advance.