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    Print Preview of ZPL Stored format files

    Bjorn Holmgren

      How do I do a print preview of a ZPL stored format file? I.e. a file with a number of fields in it. We mainly only use the PrintStoredFormat(fileName, values); function in PrinterUtil to print the label with the values filled in.


      But how can I make a print preview? I know there is a built-in printer server accessible with a special URL for previewing a static zpl file. Is it possible to change this and send the field values and ZPL template filename instead?

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          Dmitry Prokhorov

          Hello Bjorn,


          As you can see from this discussion Re: How do I print preview ZPL?  seems there is no way  to get a print preview through the driver.  Zebra drivers don't really render a bitmap, but ZPL that the printer understands.  Also drivers aren't bi-directional, so there is no way to get an image from the printer with it.


          As an option you can programmatically substitute needed field values in ZPL code of your labels and do a print preview using the printer's webpage and resulted ZPL.



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