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    Read RFID

    Musab Popatia

      We use Zebra's R110XI4 for our printing needs.


      I want to develop a small python script that can read the RFID value of the sticker being printed. I found this Bidirectional communications using Python | Zebra example, but this is more geared towards someone that wants to develop a program that sends information to the printer. I just want a way to read the EPC value of the RFID tag (for custom validation) being printed using Python. Can I use sockets to read this information?


      Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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          Musab Popatia

          The "^RF" command can be used to read RFID. The following ZPL (from Example 4 under the "^RF" command in the documentation) can be used to read the information:


          ^XA ^RS8 ^RFR,H,0,8,2^FN1^FS^HV1,,8-byte Tag ID Data:^FS ^XZ


          Building on the Python example, simply replacing "~hs" with the above ZPL should allow you to read the information using sockets.