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    Printing degree symbol

    Jonathan Titchener

      I'm using a Xamarin Android app and using the Link-OS SDK to send the following to a ZQ520 over bluetooth and the degree symbol doesn't print correctly, I'm getting an extra character before it (see attachment). Anyone have any ideas?


      ZebraPrinter printer = ZebraPrinterFactory.GetInstance(PrinterLanguage.CPCL, thePrinterConn);

      printer.SendCommand($"! 0 200 200 100 1\r\n");


      printer.SendCommand("! U1 SETLP 5 2 30\r\n");


      printer.SendCommand("SETBOLD 1\r\n");

      printer.SendCommand("TEXT 4 0 0 10 TENNESSEE FIRE 70°\r\n");