Reading code 128 barcode with length grater than 20 using EMDK

SDK Using - EMDK for Xamarin

Version -


I am facing one issue in reading Code 128 bar code with content length > 20. If the barcode length is grater that 20 which not detecting in my Zebra device.

Below given the configuration I have set in my code.

   //EMDK: Configure the scanner settings
    var config = _scanner.GetConfig();
    config.SkipOnUnsupported = ScannerConfig.SkipOnUnSupported.None;
    config.ScanParams.DecodeLEDFeedback = true;
    config.DecoderParams.Code39.Enabled = true;
    config.DecoderParams.Code93.Enabled = true;
    config.DecoderParams.Code128.Enabled = true;
    config.DecoderParams.Ean8.Enabled = true;
    config.DecoderParams.Ean13.Enabled = true;
    config.DecoderParams.Pdf417.Enabled = true;

Could you please let me know, in case I need to set any additional parameters to enable this feature?