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    Enterprise Home Screen - Start URL in specific browser

    Jeff Rennie

      I have a TC8000 and want to use Enterprise Home Screen (EHS) to manage/limit what my users can do with the scanner.


      I have two distinct web sites I need to visit and due to differences in my datawedge settings, I need them to launch in two distinct browsers (default browser and chrome). I have the following two lines in the EHS config XML file....


      <link label="APP#1" url="http://InternalURL" package="com.android.chrome" activity="" icon="CustomIcon#1"/>

      <link label="APP#2" url="https://ExternalURL" package="com.android.browser" activity="" icon="CustomIcon#2"/>


      Problem is, both of these launch in the default browser. How do I ensure that the URLs will launch in the desired browser?