EHS - Recent Apps

I have a TC8000 that I want my users to run 3 different apps with.  I've set up EHS to only show these particular apps and it looks great, but I've noticed an issue.

My users will be switching back and forth with the different apps, but the recent apps button is disabled and if my research is correct, it looks like that feature only works on Android 7.x+.

Is there anyway I can get that feature to work with my TC8000 (Android ver. 5.1.1)?  I don't see the Android Nouget option in the TC8000 Operating Systems so I'm wondering if there's a better way to get what I want.

Alternatively, simply closing the apps when switching will be sufficient.  Two of the apps I want to run are browsers, and every time I go back to the home screen to open those shortcuts, it opens a new tab in the browser.  This is unacceptable as Datawedge gets a little stupid when there are multiple browser tabs open (within the same browser).

Any help would be appreciated.