locator function for RFD8500

i need to make a simple locator function, very much like the mobile version whereas the barcode serial is entered and beep based on the rssi value. (windows)

i am using an RFD8500.

using the demo app code (C#) from:


however, i cant find any documentation in which i can use make my window app do the locator function as the demo app code is only able to detect unique serials.

does anyone know how to do this with the RFD8500 in C#? or must i use the window UWP code to do this? e.g.

Zebra RFID Mobile Application for Windows Support & Downloads | Zebra


Jerzy Holda
There is still no

There is still no documentation for the SDK for Windows. The source code of the demo application is also missing.
I tried to write my own, simple app but I still get exceptions. Eg.

IRemoteReaderManagement remoteReaderManagement = RfidSdk.RemoteReaderManagementServicesFactory.Create();


IRemoteReaderWatcher remoteReaderWatcher = RfidSdk.RemoteReaderWatcherServicesFactory.Create();


An unhandled exception of type 'System.ArgumentException' occurred in Symbol.RFID.SDK.dll

Does anyone have an example of working code?

I am using VS 2015 on Windows 7

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