OperationFailureException after RFD8500 firmware update


I'm using RFID API3 and Barcode Scanners library together on the same device. When performing firmware update everything goes fine until RFD8500 is restarted. At that point I shut down both connections to the device and connect anew. At this point, RFID library throws any of the two exceptions and connect fails:

OperationFailureException (statusDescription: RFID_API_COMMAND_TIMEOUT; vendorMessage: Response timeout)

OperationFailureException (statusDescription: RFID_API_UNKNOWN_ERROR, vendorMessage: Unknown error) while connecting.

After a few retries though (1-5), it succeeds. I also tried shutting down RFID connection before firmware update starts, but got the same exceptions for the first few retries. I saw in the release notes for RFID library (the very same that I'm using) that RFID_API_UNKNOWN_ERROR was fixed, but I'm still getting it.