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    TC56 resolve intranet IP addresses

    Stefan Vogel

      Hi all,


      we're currently implementing a new ERP solution (MS Dynamics 365)  and want to use TC56 devices for logistics. For certain use cases we need to access the ERP via GSM / VPN. The ERP System has an internal dns Name and internal IP address. I already learned that there is no propper way to add the erp hostname in the Hosts file in android. I cannot change the  hostname to be external accessable. Has anyone an idea how I can resolve this issue?


      - Is there a way to Change the DNS Server in Android to a local one which could be accessed via VPN from the OS or add another DNS on top of the given DNS Server from the Provider

      - Is there a Software solution which could help us here to fix this issue?


      Any ideas are welcome.


      Best regards


      Stefan Vogel

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          Dmitry Prokhorov

          Hello Stefan,


          In case I got it right you are connecting your TC56 device to your intranet using VPN over mobile network. It means there is a chance that IP/mask, gateway and intranet DNS server settings are provided to your TC56 from some VPN server at the edge of your intranet. In case it is true then you need just to add respective record for your server to intranet DNS server.


          Dmitry Prokhorov

          Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility

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