Ask for RCOM source code

Hello everyone - this is my first post on this forum

I am very interested in using RCOM on Windows 64-bit - very old application from 90's

I have this application in use, but as I switch from 32-bit to 64bit Windows, I would like to still use rcom.

I'm not interested in using dosbox or any virtual envoirment - I just want to use straight RCOM, but it is 16bit application and it is not possible to run it on 64bit Windows

This is becaouse I still use PSION Workaout MX computers and I hope to use them as long as possible.

I already asked about this source code.

I kindly ask, could you please publish source code or RCOM and PsiWin? It it almost 30 year since they were wroten and I would like to use them. Is it possible to publish them source code on some git hub or similar?

Could you please help me with that?