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    EB api Camera autofocus

    Felix-Antoine Carignan

      Im using TC8000 device with EB 1.6


      I am able on a web page to open camera and take picture, but the autofocus doesn't seems to work.

      When i use android camera apps, autofocus work fine. But it doesn't work with EB.


      Any ideas ?


      Thnaks you.

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          Joydeep Chakraborty

          Can you please share the script you are using?



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              Felix-Antoine Carignan

              I'm using basically the same exemple as in the API docs.

              EB.Camera.TakePicture open up a camera apps, but without any control and I cannot change the focus. Seems to focus at infiny always.

              When I use the google camera android apps, auto focus is working when you move the cam.


              Here is both main js function.


              function take_picture_with_default_camera() {

                // Capture an image from the default camera on the device, using the default image settings
                 EB.Camera.fileName = createImgFilename();
                 EB.Camera.takePicture({'outputFormat': 'image'}, picture_taken_callback);


              function picture_taken_callback(params) {

                 if(params != null){

                 if (params["status"]=="ok") {


                 var imguri = 'http://localhost:'+EB.System.localServerPort + params["imageUri"];

                 //Sauvegarde l'image dans la liste
                 var tmp = [EB.Camera.fileName,imguri];
                 addImgToCarousel(EB.Camera.fileName, imguri);

                 else if(params["status"]=="error"){

                AjaxPopup.ShowPopup("Erreur", params["message"]);