Issue downloading fonts from Android App to iMZ320 Printer


We need to download a new font on to our field printers. I am trying to embed this into an Android app. I copied the ttf file to Assets folder and used the below code.

ZebraPrinterLinkOs linkOsPrinter = ZebraPrinterFactory.createLinkOsPrinter(printer, PrinterLanguage.ZPL);
InputStream stream = getAssets().open("myfont.ttf");
linkOsPrinter.downloadTtfFont(stream, "Z:myfont");

The prints spits out almost all of a paper role (nothing actually getting printed) for about 20 mins and in the end no font is downloaded to printer.

If I print configuration label I see some thing like below.


I can install the TTF into my windows desktop successfully and use "Zebra Font Downloaded" push the font successfully via USB. But unfortunately because of the number of printers we have in field doing this is not an option.

I can not find a Android sample code for font download as well. Not sure what is wrong with my code/approach. Any help is greatly appreciated.