Zebra Browser Print - "Remote access not allowed"


I have this model of Zebra: gk420T.

The printer is connected via USB to a PC, on this computer has been installed Zebra Browser Print.

Unfortunately when I try to reach the printer remotely I get: "Remote access not allowed".

I tried to reach the printer via php script and also directly through the browser with this url:


I've already edit the "settings.json" by adding the allowed host without success.

Can someone help me?

Dmitry Prokhorov
Hello Emanuele,Which exact

Hello Emanuele,

Which exact part of your solution is responding you with "Remote access not allowed" message? How does it look like?

I unsure BrowserPrint is intended to work being installed on another remote computer. Seems it is intended to run on the same computer that runs your browser.


You may have at least two cause for your issue. First one is a CORS security feature that may prevent your browser to communicate with server that is not origin of your HTML page with JS code. It could be not the case for communicating to BrowserPrint from PHP code.

Another cause could be an exact IP address used by server part of BrowserPrint to bind on. In case it bounds only on localhost ( then it will not accept any requests from your network. In case it is impossible to change BrowserPrint server settings to bind it on other network IP address you can use custom netcat script to redirect your TCP connection from your network to localhost.

Dmitry Prokhorov

Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility

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