Scanner is shutting down after scanning successively

Hello there,

I am developing and Android application for an Zebra TC75x with EMDK. I have sometimes the issue that the device crashes after a few fast scans one after another. Sometimes the scanner just stops working and wont bring up a Scanning Event. To Sum up I am receiving 3 different errors after scanning a lot of Barcodes

1. Scanner doesn't work anymore + Error Toast with Message: (Unexpected Error occurred in scanning service, please restart the application)

2. Scanner does work but doesn't bring up a scanning Event + Error Message in Debugger ( W/ViewRootImpl[MainActivity]: Dropping event due to no window focus: KeyEvent { action=ACTION_DOWN, keyCode=KEYCODE_BUTTON_R1, scanCode=744, metaState=0, flags=0x8, repeatCount=3, eventTime=1948615, downTime=1948013, deviceId=5, source=0x701 } )

3. The device shuts down an reboot

I am wondering if I can block the scanner from scanning until I am finished handling the Scanning Event which happened before.

Or is this a known issue which I can prevent somehow