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    TC75X: Update operating system android 6.0

    christophe bernard

      Hello all,


      we have buy many device TC75X under android 6.0 and we wonder for some reason of security if we must to migrate all our device to android 7.0


      I've found this link on google:

      TC75x Operating System Non-GMS Support and Downloads | Zebra


      Someone can tell me, how we can migrate our device to a new version of android ?


      thanks for your explanation

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          Darryn Campbell

          Hi, installation instructions are contained within the release notes: https://www.zebra.com/content/dam/zebra_new_ia/en-us/software/operating-system/tc5x-tc7x-shared-operating-system/tc5x-tc… .  You can upgrade from Marshmallow to Nougat, first install the full image then any LifeGuard patches.

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            Matt Dermody

            Your devices also technically have to be under Software Maintenance in order for them to be eligible to be updated to the latest dessert flavors and LifeGuard Patches. Assuming you are under maintenance you can retrieve the Zip file and then update the devices in many different ways:

            - adb sideload through USB

            - Manual copy to /sdcard/ through USB then manual reboot into recovery

            - StageNow barcode scan based execution with either manual .Zip file copy or distribution over the air from StageNow

            - StageNow generated MX instructions distributed through a capable MDM/EMM

            - Delivery and Execution of the .Zip Update automatically with a capable EMM like SOTI MobiControl.


            Hopefully you're leveraging an EMM to manage the devices. If you're using SOTI, there is native support for performing Zebra Android OS Updates. If you're using another MX capable EMM like AirWatch / WS1 you can still perform the updates but you will likely need to use an MX instruction for executing the .ZIP file that the EMM distributes to the device. If you have an EMM that is not MX capable, then you chose the wrong EMM for Zebra Android devices and you should scold whatever vendor sold it to you!

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              christophe bernard

              Hello darryn, matt,


              thanks a lot for your time.

              Great to describe the step you must follow for performing an upgrade on our devices...


              @matt -> yes we used soti mobicontrol for to deploy all our profile on the device tc75x.


              i will try on a device and see the result.


              see you again on mobicontrol forum


              have a nice day