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    Turn off beep on RFD8500 sled

    Jeff Mr

      I'm developing an Application where the Zebra RFD8500 Sled scanner communicates with an  Android phone via Bluetooth.


      I want to programmatically turn off the beeping sound on the RFD8500 Sled when I scan a barcode, so I can play my own custom sound. I've seen examples on how to initiate the beep sound on the Sled through the "Zebra Scanner SDK for Android developer guide".  And  I understand how to play a sound on an Android phone which would replace the Sled's beep.  But haven't seen anything with regards to a config parameter setting I could set programmatically that would turn off the Sleds' sound altogether.


      Any thoughts?

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          Jeff Mr

          After a some more research, I found out how to do this through the following developer guide section 5.2



          The only problem now is, the beeper is not turned off when I scan a barcode.  It is turned off when the RFD8500 sled connects and disconnects, but NOT when a barcode is  scanned.

          So I'm really back to square one. Because the whole point of this was to silence the beep sound when a barcode is scanned and replace that sound with my own custom sound.


          In any event, below is the code to connect to the 8500 sled and turn off the beeping sound up to a point as I mentioned.



          You'll need to import the following Java archive library ->  API3_LIB-release.aar

          That archive can be found in the following zip file              Zebra_RFID_Mobile_Android_1.2.3.26.zip


          The following url has the zip file

          Zebra RFID Mobile Application for Android Support & Downloads | Zebra





          import com.zebra.rfid.api3.BEEPER_VOLUME;

          import com.zebra.rfid.api3.RFIDReader;

          import com.zebra.rfid.api3.ReaderDevice;


          public static Readers readers;

          public static RFIDReader rfidReader;


          The specific code gets executed in a Async method when the Sled is found...



          private class ProcessAsyncTask extends AsyncTask<Void,Integer,Boolean> {



          protected Boolean doInBackground(Void... voids) {


          try {

                  readers = new Readers();

                 ArrayList<ReaderDevice> availableRFIDReaderList = readers.GetAvailableRFIDReaderList();

                 ReaderDevice readerDevice = availableRFIDReaderList.get(0);

                  rfidReader = readerDevice.getRFIDReader();


          } catch (InvalidUsageException e) {




          try {





          } catch (Exception e) {