Image printing with ZPL 2 from SAP ERP 6.0.

Hello, I was looking for information with my error but I can not solve it.

I am having problems to implement the printing of images in any format (JPG, TIF (without compression), BMP, TAG, PNG) from SAP with my ZM400 or ZT410.

All the impressions that I make from another application that is not SAP I can print them with excellent results.

Here is a list of the drivers that we have installed in SAP.

So far we only print labels with bar codes and text without problems. Now we need to add images of certifying entities and we can not print them, where the image should be, there is nothing.

I leave part of the ZPL code as an example that has a small image:









^FT228,543^A0B,20,26^FH\^FDSENASA N\F8 4948/^FS



Since I thank you very much for your collaboration and guidance to solve my problem.

Thank you.