iOS - SDK - no printer found


Hi I'm new to this whole printing thing.  I have looked through the sdk am stuck with connecting to the printer.

Used the connecting bluetooth sample functions from the iOS documentation, which I translated into swift, but no printer was found.  Tried this with device already connected to iOS and not connected to iOS.

        var serialNumber = ""
        let sam = EAAccessoryManager.shared()
        let connectedAccessories = sam.connectedAccessories as Array
        for accessory in connectedAccessories {
            if accessory.protocolStrings.contains("com.zebra.rawport") {
                serialNumber = accessory.serialNumber
        let thePrinterConn : ZebraPrinterConnection = MfiBtPrinterConnection(serialNumber: serialNumber)
        var success =

Any ideas? What am I missing?

Submitted by Ernst Suedmeyer on May 04, 2019 Permalink

Got it ... so now we can find the printer, have installed print direct on the printer ... anybody know how we tell print direct to print a pdf file and where to get it?