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    Zebra Mobile Printer Print Orientation (Invert 180 Degrees)

    John McElroy

      Hi there,


      I have a question relating to Zebra mobile printers more specifically the ZQ620 model.


      I know it is possible to set up the printer in printer properties/options what print orientation (rotate 180 degrees) to print a label.


      I know it is also possible to configure the printer using the zebra setup utility tool in the configure printer settings/Orientation option and selecting the orientation option as either normal/Invert 180 degrees.


      I know using the ZPL commands I can use the following to invert to change the print orientation using the POI command.


      ^XA^CFD ^POI ^LH330,10 ^FO50,50 ^FDZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES^FS ^FO50,75 ^FDVernon Hills, IL^FS ^XZ 


      However, my question is whether this can be done using a command similar to below but for print orientation 180 degrees? As I am not printing to the printer using the ZPL commands and would like to change the print properties in code (c# .Net) opposed to having to configure the printer preferences manually.


           ! U1 getvar "ezpl.media_type"

           ! U1 setvar "ezpl.media_type" "gap/notch"