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    TC51 Crashing using sample code for bar code scanner

    Justin Gottschalk

      Android v6.0.1

      BSP is 01-21-04.1-MG-00-UPDATE005 release-keys


      I have installed the Intellij plug-in for EDMK version 7 and followed the barcode scanning tutorial here:

           Basic Scanning Tutorial using Barcode API - Zebra Technologies Techdocs


      I am working on an early concept version of an app and we are crashing after the onCreate based on debugging


      A/art: art/runtime/entrypoints/quick/quick_trampoline_entrypoints.cc:923] Check failed: called != nullptr int java.lang.Enum.ordinal() com.symbol.emdk.EMDKManager$FEATURE_TYPE[] virtual 15
      A/art: art/runtime/barrier.cc:90] Check failed: count_ == 0 (count_=-1, 0=0) Attempted to destroy barrier with non zero count
          art/runtime/runtime.cc:366] Runtime aborting --- recursively, so no thread-specific detail!
      A/libc: Fatal signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 in tid 612


      gradle depedency


      compileOnly 'com.symbol:emdk:7.0.0'



      I am not sure what else to do. I have been cruising other discussions and am not seeing any solution that works.

      It was referenced this may be an issue that require support (TC70 - Sample App crashes at (BarcodeManager) emdkManager.getInstance(EMDKManager.FEATURE_TYPE.BARCODE);)


      Can we confirm if there is a fix in progress?