I have a .ZPL file that I need to print in VB.NET

I have the USDA.ZPL file ready to print but I need to know how the print the file in vb.net example -

                writer.Write("^FT60,1750^A0B,42,40^XGE:USDA.ZPL^FS^") or

                writer.Write("~DGR:USDA.ZPL,05852,028,") or

                writer.Write("^FO200,0^XGR:USDA.ZPL,2,2^FS") ' Print the graphic

tried all 3 and not getting any output..

I can print the graphic (.ZPL file) using the following

   ' ''

                Dim LabelFileName As String

                LabelFileName = "C:\Users\gordonj\Downloads\USDA.ZPL"


                Dim filename As String = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(LabelFileName)


                               LabelFileName, ("\\par-ps-01\ParZebra\" & filename))

But cannot control where the graphic prints since it is not controlled by zpl language..