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    a strange problem for the symbol ap-5131

    Huseyin Basbay

      Dear Users,


      I have got a strange problem for the symbol ap-5131. I bought this device from a second-hand vendor. I connected the device to my network system and run it.

      but I could not find the device password. I cannot log into the device. I've tried all the username and passwords that I could find.

      1. Is there something I can do about it?
      2. I'll try to establish a computer connection with the rs232 cable. What commands do I use?
      3. Which version of the java program should be installed on the computer that is logged in?


      I sent a screenshot with an error message.

      I would be very glad if anyone can help with the problem.


      Best Regards


      Huseyin Basbay


      PS: I tried with java 6 update 45 on windows xp and java version 8 update 201 on windows 7. I couldn't login.

      PS2: I contacted the second-hand vendor. he suggested standard username and  passwords. nothings changed.


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